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Trina Tells Trick Daddy, "You're doing music like you're still in 1998" in Heated LHHMIA Reunion

"You're doing music like you're still in 1998."

Trina and Trick Daddy got into a heated argument on the Love & Hip Hop Miami reunion.

The Miami legends and longtime collaborators debated about which artist has had the better feature verses and the most prominent career.

After Trick charges he's made better tracks, Trina responded, "My verse is harder and that's why you mad. Let's tell the truth. I put out a whole mixtape. What did you do?"

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She continues, "You didn't put out no music. I did the record for you and I killed you on the verse... I did your record and I murked you on the record... I put out more music than you."

To which Trick responds, "You ain't gon' say Miami without saying Trick. I started all this shit... If it wasn't for Trick Daddy, it wouldn't be no Trina."

And Trina retorts, "You're doing music like you're still in 1998."

In another clip from the show, Trick talks about wanting to work on a joint album with Trina saying, "Maybe we could finish our shit... The studio's not interested in me." Trick's wife Joy interrupts and suggests he needs to divorce her first and reveals that Trina gave her the money to file.

Wonderfully messy season. Watch the clips above and below.