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Trey Songz Faces $20 Million Sexual Assault Lawsuit

Facing two other separate assault cases, Trey Songz has been accused of raping an unnamed woman, who is now suing him for $20 million.

Trigger warning, this story features details of rape.

Trey Songz has a new case on his hands. Just months after sexual assault allegations were made against Songz from Dylan Gonzalezand Jauhara Jeffries, the singer is being sued for $20 million by an unnamed woman who claims Songz raped her at his home. The woman — who's known as "Jane Doe" in legal documents — said that her and Songz once had a consensual relationship, but Doe said Songz became a "savage rapist" during an encounter in March 2016.

Doe alleges that Songz invited her upstairs in his home where he then proceeded to force anal sex upon the woman although she didn't want to. The woman also alleged that once they were in the room, Songz removed her pants, held her down and forcibly inserted his penis into her anus. Doe said that she screamed and begged Songz to stop throughout the ordeal, later going to the hospital for an examination. Although she didn't name Songz during the examination, Doe says that medical examiners found “severe anal tearing that could require surgery.”

Now, a representative for Songz has denied the allegations, according to TMZ.

"Earlier today, the attorney who drafted this suit was credibly accused of trying to pay a woman to falsely accuse Trey. Hours later, that same attorney has filed this suit on behalf of an anonymous client. It isn’t hard to see what’s happening here, and it is a shame for genuine victims of sexual assault," the rep's statement said. "The allegations in this complaint are false. Trey looks forward to having the facts fully aired.”

In a separate TMZ article, Gonzalez's and Jefferies' lawyer, Ariel Mitchell, is responding to allegations from Songz and his team. Jefferies accused Songz of sexual assault at a Miami nightclub in 2018, while Gonzalez took to social media last year in a public accusation towards Songz. The singer attempted to denied Jefferies' allegations on Twitter with Instagram messages that he received.