Towkio feat Chance The Rapper - "Heaven Only Knows"

Towkio, Chance The Rapper & Eryn Allen Kane Collide On Spirited New Cut "Heaven Only Knows"

by zo
April 08, 2015 11:34 AM

Towkio, Chance The Rapper & Eryn Allen Kane Collide On Spirited New Cut "Heaven Only Knows"

Over the last year, the Savemoney crew has emerged as the premier collective of forward-minded Chicago-based musicians, MCs, producers and poets. Amongst them, Chance The Rapper, Donnie Trumpet, Vic Mensa and the most recent half-croon/half-rap cat to strut Towkio have practically set the bar for any independent musician, in both ethos and musicality. Today, that latter name Towkio, has dropped his latest single “Heaven Only Knows,” repurposing John Legend’s classic hook for a track that wreaks of Chance & Co.’s acid rap styles. The very same electric church schemes that have come to define the crew’s approach to composition are at work here, taking spirited gospel chops and applying them to their very own framework in a manner that has yet to be seen in hip-hop, r&b or elsewhere. The track is a welcome follow-up to “Free Your Mind,” which arrived just last month. This new joint and the last will be prominently featured on Towkio’s forthcoming Wav. Theory LP, slated for an April 28th release. Put your ears to “Heaven Only Knows” and peep the track list for the album down below.

.Wav Theory Track List:

01 .Wav Theory
02 Clean Up (feat. Chance the Rapper)
03 Free Your Mind (feat. Donnie Trumpet)
04 I Know You
05 God In Me (feat. Leather Corduroys)
06 Rotation
07 Addicted (interlude)
08 Reflection
09 Break You Off
10 Involved (feat. Vic Mensa)
11 RN
12 Heaven Only Knows (feat. Chance the Rapper, Lido, and Eryn Allen Kane)
13 Oscillate

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