Throwback Thursday: Aurra - "Perfect Date" + Satisfaction LP-art
Throwback Thursday: Aurra - "Perfect Date" + Satisfaction LP-art

Throwback Thursday Exclusive: Aurra - "Perfect Date" + Lost 'Satisfaction' LP

Throwback Thursday: Aurra - "Perfect Date" + Satisfaction LP-artThrowback Thursday: Aurra - "Perfect Date" + Satisfaction LP

Aurra emerges from the annals of music lore to launch their return with "Perfect Date" - the first single from their long lost Satisfaction LP, which will finally see the light of day thanks to the diligent efforts of the folks over at Family Groove Records. The project from Steve Washington - the man many consider to be the bass guru and mastermind behind Steve Arrington's legendary group Slave - Sheila Washington and Mark Stevens began production in 1984 and was originally slated for release on Quincy Jones' Qwest Records imprint, but got shelved as a result of unresolved legal issues.

The 24-track masters for the project had since been collecting dust in an abandoned recording studio in Ohio - where the group first formed after its members spun off from The Ohio Players and Slave - until Family Groove's Daniel Borine found the unmixed 2-inch tapes.

Back with a vengeance, Aurra delivers a disco funk masterpiece rife with unadulterated boogie and enough sonic heft to please any analog junkie; the rescued masters for this release were cleaned in Pro-Tools before being mixed exclusively on vintage analog gear in order to preserve the integrity of the original groove - a move that ultimately enhanced the overall sound. What you get is a dance music gem that stands amongst the eight tracks on the project as a shining star that defies the confines of the era in which it was originally produced. Prepare to partake in the funk as Family Groove Records and Aurra make history. Check the track below to listen to "Perfect Date" from Aurra's long lost Satisfaction LP. Purchase the project on CD, single LP and deluxe vinyl via Family Groove.