The Roots Square Off Against Fallon & Co In A Hilarious Family Feud On The Tonight Show

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The Roots Take On Fallon & Co In Family Feud On The Tonight Show

The Roots Take On Fallon & Co In Family Feud On The Tonight Show

The Roots (i.e. Questlove, Black Thought and James Poyser) took their polling skills to the mock-up set of Family Fued, going toe-to-toe with Jimmy Fallon and his team on The Tonight Show. All of which was hosted by the incomparable Steve Harveyof course. In a heated battle of wits and rim-shot hits, the fellas trade-off their best feud-fueled responses, attempting to hash-out what the audience’s favorite name for cannabis was (for a non-toker, Questo sure chimes in quick) what kind of instrumentalist gets the least after-hours loving ( sorry Tuba Gooding Jr. and Adam Blackstone, no one could have prepared y’all for that one) and what “things” people like to play with in their free-time (seriously Poyser? get your head outta the gutter man.)

Well deserving of a recurrent spot, the segment’s worth bringing back just to bare witness to the hilarity of that cold, motionless stare-down between Harvey and The Roots crew’s leading key-man. See if you can compete with the all-star line-up of contestants and watch The Roots demolish Fallon and his cronies in perhaps the best Family Feud installment ever. Watch the madness unfold below.

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