Watch Kaytranada's Red Bull Music Academy Lecture
Watch Kaytranada's Red Bull Music Academy Lecture

Hear How The Roots Inspired Kaytranada's Basslines + Other Musical Stories In RBMA's New Series

Don't Come Kaytranada's Way With Cargo Shorts On


Collaboration is one of the most beautiful things about music - seeing how two or more artists can bring their own experiences and talents to the table, and what they can bring out of each other. In a new animated series, Red Bull Music Academy shows how Kaytranada and other artists built relationships with their most consistent musical partners.

The Junction "tells the funny and often unexpected stories of artists, how they met and the music they created together," as RBMA phrases it on its site. The series pays tribute to Canada, since RBMA is bringing various events and features to Montreal until Oct. 28.

There have been three videos in the series so far. In the first, Chilly Gonzales and Peaches explain how a weed-heavy jam session united them, despite them each having completely different musical backgrounds. In the second, Kaytranada and River Tiber narrate how their mutual love for Brazilian music helped them grow close, and how former Roots member Leon "Hub" Hubbard shaped Kaytranada's understanding of basslines. In the third and most recent, Fools Gold Records co-founders A-Trak and Nick Catchdubs speak about their various musical influences.

The Chilly Gonzales and Peaches episode is illustrated by animator and Academy Award-nominated director Patrick Doyon. The Kaytranada and River Riber video is animated by Hamish Lambert. Animators Brandon Bloomaert and Josh Holinaty team up for the A-Trak and Catchdubs episode.

Watch all three videos below.