The Procussions [LP Stream]

The Procussions [LP Stream]

by shamz
September 24, 2013 2:37 PM


Man, it’s a real strong album release day. Though Drake is obviously stealing all the headlines, OKP home teamers like Tanya Morgan and The Foreign Exchange both have also put out some stellar work today. And not to be lost in the mix would be OKP fam The Procussions with their long-awaited self-titled LP that just arrived today, as well. Stro Elliot and Mr J. Medeiros re-unite to drop their first LP in seven years. The 14-track release has features from Shad, Phoenix Troy, Jonathan Korszyk, Blame One, and ¡Mayday! (all tracks produced by Stro). You’ve heard a number of the leaks in the past months, now go ahead and listen to (then purchase) the full project, below.

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