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The Music Snobs Talk All Things Michael Jackson

The Music Snobs Talk All Things Michael Jackson



Scoop, Isaac, Jehan and Arthur talk all things Michael Jackson in a show fit for a king with a very special episode of The Music Snobs. The discussion arrives ahead of the icon’s birthday on August 29th. The crew talks the magnitude and gravity of MJ’s fame – especially as a child, his performance at the Motown 25 celebration, the importance of his working relationship with Quincy Jones, critical “What If?” questions about The Jacksons, their industry moves and Michael’s importance to black men. The Music Snobs drop this episode with a note on the finer points of the discussion:

In a show fit for a king, The Music Snobs dedicate a very special episode to Michael Jackson. It all starts with a look back at MJ’s roots as Scoop, Isaac, Jehan, and Arthur debate how crucial the Jackson 5 were to Mike’s growth into a solo icon. Next, the Snobs ask What If the still unreleased, Stevie Wonder-produced Jackson 5 album would have dropped in 1975? Things get deep when the crew examines MJ’s place in black man history and wonder if Michael Jackson is the epitome of the black male identity crisis of the 80s. To finish things off, TMS gives ultimate tribute to Mike’s genius in a roundtable discussion about the single characteristic that defined the magic inside the man.

As one might expect, this chat also boasts some choice musical selections. Check the track below to listen to the Michael episode. Stay tuned for more from The Music Snobs.

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