The Lonely Island x Solange - "Semicolon"

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Solange and The Lonely Island crew have teamed up to bring you a lesson in grammar/punchline construction for "Wack Wednesdays" via YouTube Comedy Week, and it explains everyone's least favorite punctuation mark for the battle rap generation: the semicolon. Not entirely sure if this is how the grammar police would tell you to use the "comma with a f*cking dot," but it works for us (and makes a worthy answer record to Vampire Weekend's "Oxford Comma." Who gives a f*ck, indeed). Special shouts to Okayplayer lady crush Maya Rudolph for the vocal cameo as the teacher in today's lesson of what could be the Schoolhouse Rock of our modern times. Check out "Semicolon" below.

Editor's Note: I am pretty sure I invented the term 'semicolon rap' to describe Drake and Big Sean's "Brown--Nino" rhyme stylings. At least in my head I invented it, its possible I forgot to say it out loud. But the joke is on me and The Lonely Island crew because the dramatic pause/punchline formula is clearly not semicolon rap but #hashtag rap. People who talk that way are probably looking at people born before the internet existed like we're prehistoric. #dinosaurs. - Eddie STATS