The Cool Kids To Star In Their Own Sketch Comedy Show
The Cool Kids To Star In Their Own Sketch Comedy Show

The Cool Kids To Star In Their Own Sketch Comedy Series

The Cool Kids To Star In Their Own Sketch Comedy Show

Rap duo The Cool Kids are currently working on a forthcoming comedy series.

Titled The Shit Show, the sketch comedy series is a collaborative project between The Cool Kids and Chicago director Jimmy Regular.

A Twitter account for the show has been created, where the rap duo revealed a trailer for it. The 45 second clip briefly shows one of the sketches, in which Sir Michael Rocks portrays a newscaster by the name of Lance Bingemton who is reporting for a news station called "Reporting Goddam Live."

Aside from that no other information is known about the show, but hopefully it foreshadows another highly anticipated project fans are awaiting from The Cool Kids — a new album.

The duo announced that they were working on new material during an interview with No Jumper a few months back, revealing the album's title (Special Edition Grand Master Deluxe, which was originally the name of a rumored project that first popped up in 2010) and how it would be different from their previous releases.

"I'm not going to lie to you, it's probably some of the hardest shit we've ever done. It's scary, low key," Chuck Inglish said. "It shows you how much we probably missed working with each other. But we know each other's ways now."

During the interview the duo also spoke about what led to their disbanding for some time, citing not personal problems but issues with the music industry,

"The business situation was fucked from the jump, we just ran out of energy to deal with the shit," Inglish said. "It wasn't fun [anymore]. If you enjoy making music with someone and then something is not fun but it ain't him and it ain't me, it's obviously something else."

"It wasn't about the label. It was about what the paperwork said as far as us not giving them another option because we didn't believe it," Inglish added. "We checked our paperwork and it was fucked. We believed in someone we trusted, then the motherfucker pulled some shit on us. So it was like, let's stand our ground…I'm not about to give your bitch ass an album, I'm trying to fight you."

Check out the trailer for The Shit Show below.