The Bullitts x Jay Electronica – “Murder Death Kill” + Idris Elba’s “TDBD” Bars

Eddie "STATS" Imported from Detroit.

The Bullitts - They Die By Dawn & Other Stories

Jeymes Samuel aka The Bullitts AKA the evil genius pulling strings behind the recent Great Gatsby soundtrack AKA the director of They Die By Dawn AKA #thatdude just dropped a new Jay Electronica collabo from his forthcoming LP titled “Murder Death Kill.” Jay Elec is in fine form–“a pictures worth a thousand words so welcome to the cinema”–The spooky choral-style hook bringing out his best as it has on past Bullitts features. I was getting ready to say Samuel may be the only cat who has multiple Jay Elec cameos in his bandolier of weapons-grade productions but hell–he may be the only producer who has Jay Elec’s phone number at this point.

In other Bullitts news, Jeymes hit us up on email recently to share some bars that the unofficial Black James Bond–who’s been known to MC here and there and collaborated with The Bullitts before–wrote to the title track from the film/soundtrack (which originally featured Electronica and Yasiin on MC duties). Check ’em out below as an extra-special little Pass The Popcorn bonus exclusive:

I won the West, but I came from the East / I shot two sheriffs and a couple deputies
Keep the horse, I’m both man and beast / Six shooter through these bars is a form of release
Please, I tumble weed on my lungs / I got ambition in my mind and gunpowder on my tongue / So when I came to your town I put your team on the run / With my hat tipped down and my eyes on my ones / My other eye on enemies as they spy on my ones / So I keep them even closer than my barber’s number 1s / Plus- I got versions of me / I got the Good and the Ugly and the Bad and the Wrong me
/ Born a Lone Ranger but I’ll die me a king / Met the Queen the other day like it was no big ting / I guess you never knew, well here comes the show /Unchained and in charge I ain’t talking Django.

–and look for Idris’ work in the forthcoming biopic Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom. The Bullitts’ debut LP They Die By Dawn & Other Stories is set to drop on July 9th.

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