Texas Teen Harassed By Constable For Cutting Grass

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Texas Teen Harassed By Constable For Cutting Grass

Source: YouTube

The video captures the Texas constable harassing Marvin Gibson when the latter was trying to mow someone’s lawn.

In a report from KHOU, On Tuesday, In Harris County, Houston, Texas, Constable Alan Rosen saw Marvin, his brother Marcus Gibson, and their friend Devonte Williams putting business cards in doors, and proceeded to interrupt the group’s work.

“When I saw you, you were going door-to-door-to-door,” Rosen is heard saying in the video which was taken by Marvin. “Yeah, I’m putting my business cards out,” Marvin replies, showing one of his business cards to the officer while Marcus and Williams continue to work.

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Rosen then proceeds to ask Marvin for his ID to which he tells the cop that he does not have it on him. The officer then asks the 18-year-old for his name and date of birth but Marvin gives him the wrong birth date. Marvin then inquires about the cop’s identity card but Rosen responds by grabbing his handcuffs and attempting to arrest the teen. Marvin then leaves the area, telling Rosen “We’re cutting grass, sir. You’re harassing us,” with a member of his group adding “You can’t do this just cause he’s black” off-camera.

The video then cuts to later that day, when Rosen appears at Marvin’s home accompanied by a group of other police officers. The video then concludes with pictures of injuries the teens claimed they received when the officers raided their home.

Lee Merritt, the lawyer representing the Gibson brothers and Williams, said they might sue, with the teens having already filed a formal complaint with internal affairs in hopes of getting each officer removed. However, Rosen has stated that the incident was not racially-motivated, arguing that his suspicions of the teens grew when Marvin failed to provide his ID and gave him the wrong date of birth.

“What I have seen thus far from Mr. Gibson is falsities,” Rosen said. “He has not been truthful about anything.”


Source: khou.com


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