2019 bet hip hop awards show 4
2019 bet hip hop awards show 4
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T-Pain Admits to Canceling Tour Due to Low Ticket Sales: "They Wanted Me to Lie"

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The singer-songwriter shared that all fans will be fully refunded.

T-Pain has canceled his 1UP DLC tour, in an official video the singer-songwriter shares that low ticket sales led to this decision. Throughout the clip, he shares that his team began setting up the planning in September which wasn't enough time.

He began the video by sharing:

"Let me just start by saying that my team set up the tour in September and if you've ever set up a monthlong tour before you'd know that that's not enough time to set up a full tour. Some corners got cut. Production went missing I wasn't as hands-on with the planning and things as I should have been because I've been busy as hell."

He went on to acknowledge that he was going off the momentum of his last tour which sold out in every city it was scheduled. He also said that if he agreed to do the 1UP DLC tour it would have been a bad look for him.

During another candid moment, T-Pain went on to say that his team wanted him to lie, but he decided to be honest with his fans who spent their "hard earned money." He concluded the clip by sharing for the next tour things will be more organized and that he appreciates each of his fans.