Szjerdene Faded Cover Art
Szjerdene Faded Cover Art

Szjerdene Shares Her Hypnotic New Full Crate-Produced Single "Faded"

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Lit by technologic glimmers, Szjerdene's powerful new single "Faded" features the Hackney by way of Amsterdam vocalist finding whole new worlds within her own talent. After keyboards draped in dust set the stage, she enters with clear melodies and more of the ever-present sense of longing that's made her material so consistently alluring. It never stops, this aching, when it comes to Szjerdene--and we hope it never does. She sings from a place that all of us have been in, a deep human space beneath all armor.

Szjerdene herself is responsible for much of the production on "Faded," but ample credit also goes to Full Crate, the Dutch producer who helped build the song's instrumental foundation with tools sourced from both R&B and feverish electro. Wood blocks clack, chords shuffle in and through one another and at just the right moment, all is overruled by the kick. Things close with a sparse breakdown lacquered by Szjerdene's croons, finally drifting away like a spent candle, flickering til the end. "Faded" premiered over at Clash, and 'dene told the UK site that the song is a story of escaping something that's become no longer healthy. "That sober realisation that you feel towards something once the smoke and mirrors have been packed away - A tale of ‘better never, than late.’"

The digital single of "Faded" will be released on September 10th, and you can pre-order it on iTunes. Listen to it in full below and join us as we eagerly await what this young powerhouse's next move.