Swizz Beatz Supports National Foster Care Awareness Month By Starring in New Spoken Word PSA

Swizz Beatz Stars in News PSA for National Foster Care Awareness Month Photo of Swizz Beatz courtesy of YouTube.

There are over 670,000 people who spend time in foster care every year. So it's safe to say that the foster care system in the United States is vital.

However, there are problems.   

Here are some disturbing stats: fewer than 60 percent of foster teens graduate high school by 19; only four percent of foster alumni go on to get a college degree by 26; and, probably the most disturbing of all, fifty percent of foster care youth become incarcerated within the first two years of aging out of the system.

That is why it's crucial we have National Foster Care Awareness Month, which is this month. To spread awareness around this month, Swizz Beatz and comedian Monroe Martin, with the association of Children’s Rights and Foster Club,  are spearheading a new campaign called #FosterMyEducation.

The campaign starts with a spoken word PSA, featuring a number of young people talking about the struggles of children in the foster care system.

With the release of the PSA, Swizz Beatz explained why this issue was so important:  

“Education in this country is a fundamental right for every child, but right now, we are turning our backs on our foster youth. We all need to do whatever we can to help make sure these kids’ voices are heard.  They’re not someone else’s responsibility; they’re all of ours.  Let’s foster their futures by really fostering their education.”

Watch the powerful PSA below. And learn more about the #FosterMyEducation campaign here.