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Sunni Colón Drops This Soulful Remake of "Black Hole Sun"

Sunni Colón

L.A. artist Sunni Colón makes his return tonight with a cover of a Soundgarden classic. Sunni sprinkles some soul on top of Soundgarden’s “Black Hole Sun” with this remake. Says Sunni of the song:

I was inspired by the current social and political climate of the world. This is my perspective as a black man living through the chaos. I’ve been hurt as a human being on this planet and I’ve realized the earth’s bedlam is simply an image of our own inner turmoil. There’s too much on my conscience and I don’t feel secure in darkness. I’m somewhere in between these thin walls and gloomy reflections but not aloof to the bleak in the world. All we have is love and mirth as beings on this planet. So the concept of creation is cathartic as an artist and this is my voice in world.

Well said, listen to the remake, below. Look for more new music from Sunni coming soon.

H/T: Fader

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