STS x Khari Mateen - "Heart On My Sleeve"

STS x Khari Mateen - "Heart On My Sleeve"

by karaslamb
November 15, 2013 2:03 PM


STS and Khari Mateen join forces to address the racial profiling controversy at Barneys New York with a track entitled “Heart On My Sleeve.” STS makes no bones about his shopping habits and designer preferences over the hard production from Mateen. His lyrics play like the words of a shopping addict in a church confessional as he offers a close examination of his feelings about the recently marred retailer; STS considers Barneys one of his favorite places to shop. That sort of feeling easily becomes a point of contention once you realize that the place you love – despite your deepest devotion or any dollar amount – does not love you back. STS dropped a bit of personal commentary on the issue alongside the track:

“The meaning behind the song is that
I love shopping so much it’s like a
disease (oniomania) that I ended up
shopping when I didn’t need to. And
to top it off, we as black folks still
gotta deal with racism as if we can’t
afford stuff at Barney’s. It breaks my
heart, cause I was a big Barney’s
shopper.” – S.T.S.

Check the track below to listen to “Heart On My Sleeve” from STS. Stay tuned for his forthcoming project.

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