Pass The Popcorn: Spike Lee Launches Kickstarter Campaign To Fund New Film

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Spike Lee has launched a Kickstarter campaign to enlist the help of the public in funding a new film to follow his next feature-length film aka the newest hottest Spike Lee Joint. Lee dives into his first Kickstarter campaign with an ambitious goal of $1,250,000.00 - his zeal for the crowdfunding platform is fueled in-part by the successful efforts of other Hollywood producers, including Zach Braff's $3 million budget for a sequel to Garden State and Rob Thomas' Veronica Mars movie project which raised $5 million - $3 million more than the original $2 million goal. While some people disagree with crowdfunding as a means of financing big budget productions or pretty much anything attached to celebrities, Spike Lee makes a very valid point about the nature of big business for creatives:

"The only way to ensure as an independent filmmaker that your vision gets onscreen, is when you bring the money to the table."

His appeal to fans, friends and other interested parties arrives with an abundance of sincerity, cool perks and the requisite Public Enemy score as Spike vows to continue to fight the good fight. Steven Soderbergh has already pledged $10,000 to the campaign which has raised over $100,000. Check the footage below to get the full explanation from Spike Lee. Donate to the fundraising campaign for Spike Lee's forthcoming film via Kickstarter.