Skyzoo and Spike Lee behind the scenes of the video for Spike Lee Was My Hero

Skyzoo Recruits Spike Lee For "Spike Lee Was My Hero" [Behind The Scenes Video]

Skyzoo and Spike Lee behind the scenes of the "Spike Lee Was My Hero" video

Having given Bonz Malone a platform to air out legendary director Spike Lee for his criticism of Django Unchained, some equal time may be in order. To give Spike his propers, he did make himself available and give generously of his time when he received word that fellow Brooklynite Skyzoo was shooting a video for a song called “Spike Lee Was My Hero” (produced by Tall Black Guy)–not only agreeing to make a cameo onscreen but providing a few pointers about the production as well. Watching the two build on set (talking Knicks, no doubt) is a pretty unique “life imitates art” moment that could only happen in Brooklyn, as we see in this behind-the-scenes video ‘zoo released today. The illustrious Talib Kweli and–randomly–CBS anchorwoman Gayle King also make cameos that keep this clip far more watchable than run of the mill behind-the-scenes filler. Watch below and stay tuned for the real thing.

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