Brooklyn’s Finest: Watch As Spike Lee Interviews Senator Bernie Sanders

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Watch Spike Lee Interview Bernie Sanders

Watch Spike Lee Interview Bernie Sanders

As two of Brooklyn’s most distinguished sons, Bernie Sanders & Spike Lee have a shocking amount in common. No we’re not talking about the all-too-familiar dodge-a-tourist-in-Times-Square-routine or the proclivity for staying below 14th Street. And while one may call Ft. Greene home and the other may have been raised in Flatbush, Sanders & Lee are basically cut from the same dense tapestry; blue collar, well-educated and culturally diverse.

As of recently, they also find each other on the same side of the upcoming presidential election, with Uncle Spike formally endorsing Sanders just a few months back. A recent interview conducted for The Hollywood Reporter sits Spike opposite of Sanders for a candid and insightful discussion on the most coveted seat in government, delving into how Sanders intends to captivate voters young and old, as well as their Brooklyn upbringing and what makes the Republic of BK such a wellspring greatness, spawning countless legends throughout the arts, politics and entertainment. Watch as Spike Lee interview Bernie Sanders in the clip below and if you happen to be a fellow Brooklyn resident, turn up for the upcoming debate, slated for April 14th at Duggal Greenhouse in The Navy Yards.

h/t The Hollywood Reporter

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