Sonnymoon Get Surreal In New "Grains of Friends" Video

Sonnymoon Shares A Dazzling New Video For "Grains of Friends"

Anna Wise Sonnymoon Grains of Friends Video Still Large

It’s a subtle, steady build that underpins “Grains of Friends,” the new single from Brooklyn futuristic soul-pop duo Sonnymoon. Comprised of vocalist Anna Wise (whose work you may be familiar with courtesy of Kendrick Lamar) and producer/multi-instrumentalist Dane Orr. As the sparsest of beats ticks beneath Wise’s gorgeous melody, shouts and static waft across the backdrop, and when the bass finally kicks in everything feels just right.

The NYC-based duo shared “Grains of Friends” earlier this winter, but now the track is back sizzling through our central nervous systems thanks to a brand new official video, directed by Orr and Wise themselves. As we watch shots of Ms. Wise walking the streets of New York City interspersed amongst tranquil woodland scenes, the song’s duality sits on full display. “Grain of Friends” is a song both defiant and dependent. Within its lines, someone has moved on both for better and for worse.

Sonnymoon recently released their debut album, The Courage of Present Times, and with it made a massive impression on fans of progressive R&B who are happy to head-nod along to a pop chorus or two. And thanks to the new “Grains of Friends” video we’ve got an even more crystalized idea of what their group aesthetic is like: colorful, patient, and slightly surreal. Watch the video for “Grains of Friends” below and pick up The Courage of Present Times on iTunes today.

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