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OKP Exclusive: Son Little Shares The Music + Stories From His Brilliant Self-Titled Debut LP [LP Stream + Interview]

OKP Exclusive: Son Little Shares The Music + Stories From His Brilliant Self-Titled Debut LP [LP Stream + Interview]

Son Little Eddie Pearson Portrait
Photo by Eddie Pearson for Okayplayer

Big things are coming from the man named Son Little. The Philadelphia-bred songwriter and modern blues troubadour has finally unveiled his long-anticipated debut LP, a self-titled effort that offers us a inside glimpse of his battered and beautiful soul. The guitarist and vocalist, whose given name is Aaron Livingston and who has recorded alongside RJD2 as Icebird, has traveled a long road to arrive at his current sound, a harrowing blend of sharp blues guitar and simple, hypnotic drum machine loops.

But in music, great things are worth the wait, and anyone who placed bets on Livingston to deliver is now being repaid in full. Son Little is a fulsome record that reaches deep into your heart. On it, Livingston offers out a hand to the shaken and strung-out. From politics to personal self-doubt, Livingston charts hardships as a means of correcting course towards a place of hope and by the time its final track fades away, you’re left realizing that what this is…is a revival. Okayplayer sat down with Son to discuss his process and what lies beneath many of the individual tracks on his new record. Click through to get the backstory of the album’s below, and stream the music alongside the stories, courtesy of NPR’s First Listen. (If you’re in NY, catch him live tonight at NPR’s CMJ showcase at Le Poisson Rouge).

OKP: Are these songs “blues” in the sense of translating a personal experience into a song directly? Do you have a particular experience or story behind a lot of these works—and would you be able to share the backstory”

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SL: I think there’s some of both. Some of them are kind of descriptions or riffs on particular moments. Some of them are more a general feeling or of a period of time. And then some of them are more like almost wordplay, but associated to a topic.

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