Aaron Livingston Is Son Little – “Cross My Heart” Video Premiere

Eddie "STATS" Imported from Detroit.
Aaron Livingston is Son Little

Aaron Livingston is Son Little

You would think that at 11:11am on 11/11 some serious cosmic oneness would be in the air, some kind of harmonic convergence that would demand we watch the far horizon for a sign or possibly a wonder. And you’d be right because what should appear as all those ones align but a shadowy figure holding a guitar, blowing smoke and speaking in mad tongues…and his name is called Son Little.

You may have actually met Son before, him being born under the government name of Aaron Livingston. You’ve almost certainly heard his voice before; the voice of RJD2‘s Icebird project, the voice of “Sleep” on The Rootsundun and a serial creator of haunting jams on all on his lonesome. Today, however, marks a new phase of the Aaron Livingston story and Okayplayer is proud to have been chosen as the vessel, the seed packet, if you will, by which it reached the world. The seed inside is a stark video for Son Little’s first musical statement “Cross My Heart” which is everything we could hope for in a new Aaron Livingston jam–neo-blues meets the ghost of Bob Marley trapped inside a tabla machine–but with a newfound grown man wisdom. Get a taste below and remember: all one everything. Numbers don’t lie.


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