Solange Says New Project Is Finished
Solange Says New Project Is Finished

Solange Speaks Up After Harassment At Concert: 'We Don't Bring Drama'

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After being harassedat a concert with her family, Solange KnowlesusedTwitter to tell the story and educate her followers on whatblack women deal with on a regular basis.

"Let me tell you about why black girls / women are so angry....." shebegan her Twitter story with on Friday night. Solange took her son, her son's friend, and her husband to see Kraftwerkat a concert in New Orleans, La.She said she noticed immediately that theblack population at the concert was small - she estimated they were "four out of maaaybee 20 out of 1500 (total attendees)."

When they arrived, Kraftwerk'ssong "Machine" was being played.She begandancing with her son, excited to tell himabout how the German band was sampled so much in hip-hop.

But once they starteddancing, other concertgoers attempt to interfere.

"4 older women yell to me from behind, "Sit down now." I tell them I'm dancing at a concert. They yell, "u need to sit down now"..." Solange tweeted. "We are at an ELECTRONIC and DANCE music concert and you are telling...not asking sit down. In front of my child."

After that, she said one of the women threw something at her back. "My son just confirmed it was a lime," shetweeted.

Sheimplied that she didn't respond with violence herself, butused the opportunity to tell her followers what black women and girls deal with.

"Maybe someone will understand, why many of us don't feel safe in many white spaces. We don't "bring the drama." Fix yourself," she tweeted. "Nobody goes to the Kraftwerk show with their kid looking for "drama." But that's how you guys like to spin this."

"Peeps try to give POC a "u can only speak out racism 3 strikes...or U r the problem" card. Some can kind of trust u the first 3 times..." she continued. "But surely after that, YOU are the problem. Surprise guys! It happens to us ALL summer 16."

The experience sounded upsetting, and possibly traumatic. ButSolange posted a video of her and her husband dancing, refusing to let the hatetake them down. She also got an outpour of support from her Twitter followers, getting thousands of retweets and responses by other people agreeing with the sentiment she shared.

In June, Solange shared that she had justcompleted her next album, three days before her 30th birthday.