Watch Solange & Moses Sumney Cover A Nina Simone Song

Watch Solange + Moses Sumney Sing A Weed-Inspired Cover Of A Nina Simone Classic

Solange and Moses Sumney Sing About Weed Over Nina Simone's “Where Can I Go Without You”

Photo of Solange + Moses Sumney courtesy of Instagram.

We might need an official version of this.

Last night, Solange posted an epic Instagram video with Moses Sumney. The two were covering Nina Simone’s classic, “Where Can I Go Without You,” in their own kind of way.

Instead of singing a song about traveling the world trying to shake a lover — which is what Simone’s classic record is about — Solange and Moses sang about smoking weed.

Or, well whether or not Moses is a “smoker”.

Now, we don’t want to make any assumptions here… but if we had to guess a good amount of ganja was in the air for this performance.

This is a pretty hypnotic and hilarious little improv clip. Check it out below.

tfw the homie been saying he don’t light up, but u find a lil clip on his bedside table ❔@moses ❔

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