Snoh Aalegra Shares DJ Dahi's Remix To "Emotional" ft. Vince Staples

Snoh Aalegra Shares A Gorgeous Clip For "Emotional"

Snoh Aalegra's "Emotional" has proven to be one surprise that has true staying power. Produced by none other than RZA, the original recording is a hard-stepping soul tune punched up by horns and lifted by Aalegra's unbelievably powerful vocals. It's a song that has become the Swedish R&B songwriter's calling card--but now we've been treated to a brand new take. Snoh has just shared DJ Dahi's remix to "Emotional," and in doing so has opened a decidedly darker, more sultry side of the affair.

Most impressive about the new remix, however, is the inclusion of MC prodigy Vince Staples, who stops by to spit a brief but excellent verse over the moody bass and dusty drums of Dahi's recontextualization. It's eminently listenable, but also somewhat strange: was this flip of "Emotional" really necessary in the first place? Aalegra has already cemented her credibility as a vocal artist who plays well with rappers, but something about this go 'round feels a little less magical than her past work. Still, it grooves, and both Staples new flow and Snoh Aalegra's old vocal takes are beautiful works unto themselves. Listen to Dahi's "Emotional" remix via a video below (which is itself a rework of the track's original clip).