Nintendo is Working on a SNES Mini for the Holiday Season

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Nintendo is Releasing SNES Mini This Holiday Season

Nintendo is Releasing SNES Mini This Holiday Season

Eariler this week, news came out that Nintendo was discontinuing Nintendo Entertainment System: NES Classic Edition, better known as NES Mini.

The system, which was a tiny version of the original Nintendo system, was around for less than six months. It was a huge seller at Christmas time, and Nintendo was never able to match the fierce demand. (NES Mini consoles are going for almost three times what the retail price was on eBay.)

However, it seems like Nintendo has something else under their sleeves. According to a report in Eurogamer, Nintendo will launch a SNES Classic Edition, and it will be in stores by the time Christmas 2017 comes around.

Details are still sparse. But let’s keep in mind that the NES Mini came with 30 games installed inside. The Super Nintendo console, largely considered one of the greatest gaming systems ever, had a way more extensive and popular library. So there’s no way we see less than 30 games on this thing.

As for the NES Mini, according to EuroGamer, the product was only supposed to be a novelty holiday product. The plan was always to move on to SNES Mini the next holiday season.

All we have to say is this: Nintendo, are y’all taking video game requests?

H/T: Eurogamer

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