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Don’t Smoke Rock, Pt. I: Smoke DZA + Pete Rock Share ‘Survivor Series’ Predictions, Talk New Album + More

Don’t Smoke Rock, Pt. I: Smoke DZA + Pete Rock Share ‘Survivor Series’ Predictions, Talk New Album + More

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There is a fascinating harmony between professional wrestling and hip-hop music. Many wrestlers love hip-hop music, while many hip-hop artists love professional wrestling. One artist in particular is New York-based rapper, Smoke DZA, who incorporates wrestling references into his lyrics and projects. With this Sunday’s WWE Survivor Series event coming soon, we spoke with DZA about his affinity for pro-wrestling, got his predictions for the pay-per-view and discussed favorite wrestling stars from the ’80s with Pete Rock, who is DZA’s partner-in-rhyme on the upcoming album, Don’t Smoke Rock.

You can catch the Survivor Series this Sunday, November 20, exclusively on the WWE NetworkDon’t Smoke Rock, Smoke DZA and Pete Rock’s new album, drops December 2nd on Babygrande Records and features appearances by Royce Da 5’9″Rick RossWaleCam’Ron and others. Enjoy!

Okayplayer: DZA, I hear that you’re a big wrestling fan, so I wanted to ask you a little bit about Survivor Series. What match are you most excited for?

Smoke DZA: I’m excited about the traditional five-on-five matches, but I’m more excited about the Brock Lesnar vs. Goldberg rematch from like 10-years ago that they’re gonna do now.

OKP: Who do you think is going to win that match?

SD: Well, if it’s a one-time thing then me just being a mark, I don’t think there will be a winner. It will probably end on some DQ [disqualification] shit. I don’t see them letting Goldberg go over, but I also don’t see them letting Brock Lesnar go over just because they’re both special attractions. So, it’ll probably have to end on some double cross.

OKP: Do you think that [Paul] Heyman will turn?

SD: I don’t think Heyman is gonna turn.

OKP: Who do you think will win between Team Raw and Team Smackdown?

SD: I think Team Raw is gonna win. I mean I like Team Raw a little better even though my favorite wrestler currently is A.J. Styles. I just don’t think his team has enough to beat Team Raw.

OKP: Right, absolutely. I am a big A.J. fan, too. What about the tag team match which is another bout between Team Raw vs. Team Smackdown?

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SD: That’s just a lot. That’s a lot going on, y’know? You got a 20-man tag team match and they are going to have to reinforce the ring for that. So, I don’t know… I’d probably say Team Smackdown ’cause I like Smackdown’s tag team division is better than Raw’s even though Big E is my homie. But you know, I think I am gonna take Team Smackdown.

OKP: What about the women’s match?

SD: I’m gonna go with Team Raw because of Charlotte and Sasha [Banks] being on the same team. If they can get along they’ll probably win.

OKP: And Charlotte is undefeated on pay-per-views…

SD: Yup, yup, so I think that Team Raw is gonna take that one, too.

OKP: What do you think about the Cruiserweight match with Kalisto versus Kendrick?

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