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Skyzoo "Suicide Doors"


Forever the writer, Skyzoo comes through with an onion’s worth of layers with his latest joint, “Suicide Doors.” A week after the official LP announcement for, Music For My Friends, we get a listen to track #2, and it doesn’t dissapoint in the slightest (MarcNfinit on the beat). Says Sky of the track: “”I wanted this record to really remind people of what I do as far as entendres go. The double and even triple meanings, the layering, the stacking, I wanted that be the foundation for this song. Being that the album itself is based on storytelling more so than anything else, I wanted to have at least one record where I just let it all fly.”If any of those bars flew over your head, go ahead and check out the lyrics for a more comprehensive experience. Skyzoo’s third full-length solo album, Music For My Friends, will be out June 23rd (pre-order).

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