Seven Davis Jr Throws Rolls Out Politically-Charged Track “Fighters” Ahead Of LP Release

Seven Davis Jr. Good Vibes Art Square

Seven Davis Jr. Good Vibes Art Square

One of our most-beloved new soul talents, Seven Davis Jr has shared a trove of new music in recent days, and you had better bet it’s a wonderful grip of sounds. First up is “Fighters,” a blend of traditional gospel funk and house electronics that carries a special political significance for the artist. “Do they even care / What they’re fighting for anymore?” the song hypothesizes, sending an earnest plea out into the world’s chaos of weapons and violence. When the track premiered over at Stereogum, Davis said that it was inspired in large part by “watching the current violence in America escalate, from outside of America. How some people fight for very valid reasons and others may be fighting to preserve old practices that are no longer appropriate in today’s world. The lyrics “They’re killing themselves” refers to officers in America who have been killing and targeting innocent African Americans.”

A bit more light-hearted is the appropriately-dubbed “Good Vibes,” a disco-fueled flickering house fire and features the deft production work of England-based producer Julio Bashmore. Persistently fun, “Good Vibes” tells the story of, what else, a couple of dancers who catch each others eye from across the dance floor and won’t just won’t let each other go. The track will appear on Davis’s debut LP Universes which is due to drop on July 24th via Ninja Tune Records. Fans of Daft Punk, Chromeo, Trinidad Senolia and even that one new Weeknd track will undoubtedly find much to enjoy here, as “Good Vibes” never ceases in its steadybeat delivery of kinetic energy. Listen to both “Fighters” and “Good Vibes” below and be sure to preorder Universes now, so that when the good stuff comes you can smirk about how ahead-of-the-funky curve you always were.

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