“I Take Dialysis Four Times A Week”: Scarface Offers Update On COVID-19 Recovery

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"I Take Dialysis Four Times A Week": Scarface Offers Update On COVID-19 Recovery
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"I Take Dialysis Four Times A Week": Scarface Offers Update On COVID-19 Recovery

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Scarface has sat down with Geto Boys bandmate Willie D again to offer another update on his health after contracting COVID-19.

Back in March, Scarface spoke with Willie D about testing positive for COVID-19, and enduring severe symptoms from the virus while being asthmatic. Now, he has offered an update on his recovery.

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The pair spoke again on Willie D’s YouTube channel on Wednesday (April 22), where Scarface shared that he had just gotten discharged from the hospital on Monday after recovering from kidney failure and pneumonia in both lungs. He goes on to share how he now has to do dialysis four times a week for three hours a day (the port he uses for dialysis can be seen in the video interview between him and Willie), as well as change his diet.

“I was inches away from death, and if you let the doctors tell it, they don’t know how I survive,” Face said. “Outside of being blessed I’m resilient, I’m mean. To be that close to death really make you really realize that, ‘Man, I’m gonna go live now.”

“Before COVID, I never had any issues with my kidneys at all,” he said elsewhere during the conversation. “That shit knocked my kidneys out…that shit is attacking your organs.”

Later in the conversation, Face explained the process of getting a new kidney, as well as gestured to Willie about wanting to do one last Geto Boys tour before he stops making music completely.

“Let’s do a farewell [tour], and then we can hologram Bushwick Bill in,” he said around the 33:25 mark. “Maybe see if Public Enemy will join us, and Cypress Hill or something.”

“This is it — I’m not gonna be putting out anymore songs or doing anymore albums,” he added. “I’m finna be 50-years-old. I gotta find something else to do.”

However, Face didn’t dismiss the idea of returning to politics. Last year, he ran for city council in Houston.

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