Salaam Remi x Akon- “One In The Chamber”

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Salaam Remi x Akon- "One In The Chamber"

Supreme beat-maker Salaam Remi tapped the Konvict crooner Akon for the steamy visuals from the title-track of his many times Grammy nominated record ONE :In The Chamber. The video plays out like Die Hard meets Scarface with less drug references and almost as much gun play. Akon’s the clear heavy-handed protagonist, even getting is own “Yippee Ki Yay” moment towards the end. It boasts a pretty familiar kingpin love drama, where Akon wifes up a spy for a rival cartel and happens to put one in the oven while he’s at it. Oh the unbridled agony. Watch Salaam Remi’s new extra gangta visuals for “One In The Chamber” featuring the Konvict himself below.

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