Sadat X - "I Know This Game" [Official Video]

Sadat X - "I Know This Game" [Official Video]

by karaslamb
June 24, 2013 5:04 PM


Sadat X samples Biggie on the hook for “I Know This Game” – the detailed breakdown of the hip-hop industry from his forthcoming New York New York LP. The video directed by Al Tejeda features the Brand Nubian vet dropping gems for those with little to no industry experience. He cites inexperienced promoters, tour budgets and the bottom line of having to pay bills in his clinic on the business of rap. With this track Sadat X may be one of the first MCs to address the erosion of the recording industry and the livelihoods that have gone with it; he talks in great detail about a&r’s and other label representatives who found themselves jobless after “Sony fired everybody.” Sadat X also goes through the litany of reasons why rappers end up falling off – a checklist that is as amusing as it is sad. Check the footage below for the full picture. Stay tuned for more from Sadat X.

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