Grand Daddy I.U. x Sadat X - "She Said"

Grand Daddy I.U. x Sadat X - "She Said"

Grand Daddy I.U.

Grand Daddy I.U. is one of those hip-hop mainstays whose career trajectory never quite matched his talent – but thanks to the internet, the producer/MC is back behind the mic and boards, releasing “She Said” featuring Sadat X. Last time we heard from him was his 2007 album Stick To The Script, but you might better recall him from appearances alongside Big L on Lifestylez ov da Poor & Dangerous¬†or his 1990 Cold Chillin’ Records hit, “Something New.” “She Said” employs that early-90s boom-bap production style the Grand Daddy is known for, and a nice Dennis Brown sample for the reggae heads out there, and is the lead single off his forthcoming¬†P.I.M.P. (Paper Is My Priority) album due in June. Check out “She Said” below.

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