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Video: RZA Builds With Scarface & Schools Chunk Dirty

Video: RZA Builds With Scarface & Schools Chunk Dirty

In part 2 of his Sway In the Morning appearance, RZA builds with rap legend Scarface of the Geto Boys (“Face, bong BONG”) about how tracks like “Mind Of A Lunatic” off the first (real) GB album Grip It! On That Other Level influenced the Gravediggaz and his own graphic lyrical style. (Always suspected ‘Face’s proto-horrorcore rap was an influence on Wu but now I can prove it!). In other RZA news, The Abbott takes in two struggle rappers off the streets to give them some dojo game in this hilarious spoof from Chunk Dirty AKA youtube phenom Traphik (watch after the jump). Hip-hop comedy can often go horribly wrong but you know this one is going to deliver right from the opening rhyme “I like chips / b**ch.” Enjoy and don’t forget to go see Man With The Iron Fists when it hits theaters with a triple combination of blows on Nov. 2nd.

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