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Russell Wilson Actually Did Not Buy Ciara's Masters as a Christmas Gift

Reports that Wilson purchased Ciara's masters to assist in her own label launch are apparently false.

Earlier this week reports circulating about Russell Wilson gifting Ciara her master recordings drew a resounding "aww" from fans across the internet.

report from Media Take Out stated that the singer's husband purchased her masters from Jive and Epic as a Christmas gift to assist with the launch of her label. The gossip site sourced a "music executive" and an "insider," alleging the gifting took place in 2017.

According to a new report in Complex, sources close to the couple say Wilson did not purchase Ciara her masters as a Christmas gift.

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It seems the prior reports stemmed from a 2019 Makers Conference interview last week, Ciara mentioned that she now owns her masters, talked about "freedom and flexibility" and stated that ownership has "always been important" to her.

"Being able to own my masters has been really cool," she said during the Q&A.

During the conference, Ciara announced that she's launched her own label, Beauty Marks Entertainment, posting a clip from the event on Instagram and captioning it “'BME'” is where Music intersects with Film, Fashion, Technology & Philanthropy."

Ciara's most recent studio album Jackie, was released in 2015 via Epic.