Run The Jewels' El-P To Stop Wearing Red Hats After Election Of Trump

El-P To Stop Wearing Red Hats After Election Of Donald Trump

El-P of Run The Jewels performs at Day 3 of the Panorama Music Festival on Sunday, July 24, 2016 | Photos by Vickey Ford/Sneakshot for Okayplayer.

Run The Jewels member El-P wants nothing to do with President Elect Donald Trump - and to make his fans feel safer, he has vowed to stop wearing red baseball caps.

Trump's campaign was fueled by the slogan "Make America Great Again," which he put on red hats for his millions of supporters to wear. El-P often wears red caps himself, ones without the slogan. But because of Trump's inflammatory rhetoric toward people of color, women, Muslims and LGBTQ people, El-P will take the items out of his wardrobe.

"Red hat thing is no joke. Few white friends told me about realizing POC/women seeming nervous around them and it dawning on them: red hat," he tweeted. "So yeah red hats out. Small as it is, it's become a trigger for stress and fear and a sign of ideals I don't wanna rep even from a distance."

El added that when he and groupmate Killer Mike drop Run The Jewels 3, that people will wrongly assume that it is a reaction to the presidential election, "despite %100 being written before the election."

The group has recently released "2100," a new song made "for everyone who is hurting or scared right now" after the election. They released the upcoming album's debut single "Talk To Me" in October.