Rubble Kings Movie Square
Rubble Kings Movie Square

Pass The Popcorn: Watch The Old Bronx Burn In An Exclusive New Clip From 'Rubble Kings'

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Almost a decade in the making, the new documentary film Rubble Kings is a harrowing time capsule--a trip back to the days of 1970s New York City--specifically the Bronx--when thousands of buildings were abandoned and destroyed by a blight that swept across the borough. To their smoldering ruins came gang warfare, drug addiction, crooked policing and fire.

Through archival footage and live interviews with some of the most important figures from the Bronx's "Bad Old Days," Rubble Kings paints a picture that's both reasoned and hypnotic. Dope junkies twitch on bombed-out streetcorners and tenements burn. We see a neighborhood that teetered on the brink of total destruction for nearly a decade straight; the memories of gang members like Jee Sanchez and Ghetto Brothers gang leader Carlos "Karate Charlie" Suarez lend the film eyewitness accounts and through them we're reminded: "The Bronx was like a world of its own."

Rubble Kings has been made available for digital purchase via a BitTorrent bundle for only $9.99, but Okayplayer is very proud to present an exclusive new look at the film--two minutes of footage that charts some of the Bronx's worst days, plucked from the middle of the feature documentary. Directed by Shan Nicholson and made possible by the tireless efforts of his crew, friends and a successful Kickstarter campaign, the film is perhaps our best remaining chance of truly retaining the stories of those lost (and almost lost) to the Bronx's worst days. Watch the new segment below.

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