Robyn crawford speaks about her life alongside whitney houston in new interview with lena waithe 1
Robyn crawford speaks about her life alongside whitney houston in new interview with lena waithe 1
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Robyn Crawford Speaks About Her Life Alongside Whitney Houston in New Interview With Lena Waithe

Robyn crawford speaks about her life alongside whitney houston in new lena waithe interview 2 715x894 Photo Credit: Allie Holloway

In the poignant interview Crawford and Waithe discuss the iconic singer's life and the many years they spent together in a work relationship.

Whitney Houston fans have been expressing their opinions on the announcement of the singer's assistant Robyn Crawford's new memoir recently. The long-rumored relationship between the two is told from Crawford's perspective for what seems to be the first time after years of silence in A Song for You: My Life with Whitney Houston.

Today, unveiled an exclusive interview between Crawford and Emmy Award-winning producer and actress Lena Waithe. The in-depth feature pinpoints Crawford's defining moments with Houston including when they met, their romantic relationship and more.

The two initially met as teenagers during the summer of 1980 working at a community center camp in New Jersey. After two years exploring a relationship, Houston decided to end the romantic aspect of their partnership as she worked to further her music career. The refreshing conversation between the Waithe and Crawford allows Robyn to set the record straight on her role in Houston's life after more than 30 years out of the public eye.

On why she is choosing to speak out now about her relationship with Whitney:

"I had comfort in my silence for many years. When her daughter Bobbi Kristina passed [in 2015], that’s when I first really felt the need to stand up, hearing the way people were treating Bobbi, Whitney, our friendship, and their version of my story. And I felt the legacy of my friend was buried underneath all of that. That’s when I had to ask Nip about writing this book. I actually sat there and asked her up above: 'What would you want me to do? Do you understand why now?' Feeling her yes, that was my clearance."

On living together, the vision they had for Houston's rise to success and their first summer together:

"Well, we had one vision, and that was to make her dream happen. I left school not to be her lover, but to be there for her. To work and watch her rise. I believed in the dream that she painted. When I saw her in church, I felt the energy. I was a witness. I knew she had a powerful gift to touch people that was much bigger than either of us. Yes, we ate up that first summer together, talking about everything, talking about music, spending time together, misbehaving together. You name it, we did it. We were intimate with all of it. And the physical part was like a river. We both dived in, and there was goodness there. But the big picture was always where she was going. And our friendship was the foundation."

On Houston addressing her sexuality as rumors swirled about their relationship:

"As for me, I don't label myself today. I don't feel like I have to slap a label on my chest just because I found love with my wife. Just because I choose to stand up for anything that I choose to support, doesn't mean that I have to be this or that. I'm just Robyn. And Whitney also always pushed back on labels. That went for her music, too. She didn't sing Black music or white music; she just sang."

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