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A New Doc Proves The Los Angeles Music Scene Was Made For The Underground

A New Doc Proves The Los Angeles Music Scene Was Made For The Underground

If one were to hone in on a singular hub of musical innovation in the 21st century, their journey would rightfully and inevitably bring the city of Los Angeles into pristine focus. Just think: TDE, Stones Throw, Brainfeeder, Soulection and damn-near the gamut of game-changing music crews have all risen from the smog and smoke of Tinseltown, whether by typical industry storm or, in most cases, creating a subterranean storm of their very own. 

And while we’ve certainly enjoyed the fruits of this underground surge, a true-blue exploration of LA’s ever-expanding artistic borders has yet to truly rise as high as its contributors. The good folks Resident Advisor have just the thing for that, however. Today, they’ve shared Real Scenes: Los Angeles; a 30 minute documentary that takes you all the way in to LA’s warehouses and abandoned bowling alleys, where the next-gen beat constructors sharpen their craft beneath the silicon that runs through the city’s veins. With Dam-Funk, Mathewdavid and a grip of other locals as your guide, Los Angeles comes alive in the night and proves its beat-scene bustle was meant for the underground. Watch it in full below or catch the broadcast this Sunday, March 19th on KCET.

h/t Stones Throw

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