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Pass The Popcorn: Emily Kai Bock ‘Spit Gold Under An Empire’ NY Rap Documentary [Trailer]

Pass The Popcorn: Emily Kai Bock ‘Spit Gold Under An Empire’ NY Rap Documentary [Trailer]


Emily Kai Bock presents Spit Gold Under An Empire – a hip-hop documentary that chronicles the musical lives of underground rap artists. Following Mykki Blanco, Angel Haze and C.J. Fly with appearances from Kirk Knight and The UnderachieversBock utilizes her cinematic platform to illustrate the lives behind the booming system and a grossly under-publicized side of hip-hop culture in New York City that continues to thrive at a point in musical history when many would argue that the genre is as good as dead. Bock taps into the heartbeat of the culture to offer a very vibrant rebuttal from the mouths of babes – hip-hop’s rising freshman class, born to buck against the sounds being stuffed down their gullets – tired of the same old flavor and primed to spit back. Frustrated with the unapologetic homogeneity of a major radio system they feel is not representative of the people, these rappers have committed themselves to making the music they want to hear. Music that will resonate in the streets, hallways and high rises with or without radio play. Watch the trailer below to get a taste:

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