Rakim Remembers Muhammad Ali, "The Ultimate Hero"

Rakim Remembers His "Ultimate Hero," Muhammad Ali

Rakim Remembers His "Ultimate Hero," Muhammad Ali

For many, the death of Muhammad Ali represents more than just another fallen titan. Ali’s unapologetic swagger and braggadocio are the very pillars upon which hip-hop was built, the metaphysical manhood an entire nation, balled up into one shit-talking giant of his respective craft. We’ve already seen the words of Mike Tyson, Talib Kweli, Bilal populate these pages with their remembrances, but today, Rakim, the undisputed champion of the microphone has delivered a statement on the passing of Ali, recalling his childhood watching The Champ win without remorse night after night.

Rakim referred to Ali as “… the ultimate hero, dominating the ring, the media, everything around him. If he had a tough fight, me and my family had a tough night and I was lil dude with tears in my eyes. When he won and won big, I was jumping on the couch screaming my head off.” Yet another life of greatness touched by the excellence of a king. Read Rakim’s full statement via Rolling Stone and hold tight for even more on just how deeply Muhammad Ali touched us all in the days to come. 

“He has and continues to shape my thoughts, lyrics and ambitions. People are always debating who is GOAT [greatest of all time] at this or who did that the best. But when it comes to who was The Greatest, the conversation ends. Legacy everlasting. It’s a blessing just to have watched you.”


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