Peep Rainy Milo's "How Pretty You Look" Track Now!

Peep Rainy Milo's "How Pretty You Look" (When You're Telling Me Lies)

by karaslamb
December 19, 2015 1:00 PM

UK Songstress Rainy Milo Returns To The Surface With The New Single "How Pretty You Look" (When You're Telling Me Lies) Produced By LO.

UK songstress Rainy Milo returns to the surface with the new single “How Pretty You Look” (When You’re Telling Me Lies) produced by LO with some help from Daje. The ambient ballad is the first sign of life from Rainy Milo ahead of her forthcoming EP. She explained the inspiration for the track in a conversation with NYLON:

“I wrote this song when thinking about how easy it is for someone you love to lie to you and how blindly we can allow ourselves to believe what we want as a way of avoiding pain,” Milo told us in an email. “This track was me getting over a painful truth.”

Check the track below to listen to “How Pretty You Look,” and get more on Rainy Milo at rainymilo-official.uk.

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