Missouri rockers Radkey enjoy a day out in New York
Missouri rockers Radkey enjoy a day out in New York

Radkey Enjoys A Day Out In New York With Okayplayer TV

Missouri rockers Radkey enjoy a day out in New York

Meet Radkey: a rock trio from St. Joseph, Missouri comprising brothers Isaiah, Dee and Solomon. We've  been checking for the way these young punks have re-energizing rock with a fast and loose--but never out of control--sound for a minute now. So when we heard they were coming to town to play a show at the Mercury Lounge, we jumped at the opportunity hang for a day and show them around New York. Well follow them around--these young men clearly know where they're going already. Being 16, 18 and 20, respectively, the brothers naturally chose to spend their day getting some of what is, forks down, some of the best pizza in the world and also hitting up the best comic shops AKA Manhattan's world-famous Forbidden Planet. Or as Isaiah puts it, "Yeah, we consider ourselves like, dorks, totally. The only reason I think people even think we're cool is cause we're in a band."

Turns out they're super cool, though. Both in the hanging out in the park, talking about music and it's relationship to comics on an aimless winter day sense and in the kicking out the jams sense. Which are the two most important of the 5 senses, really. Watch them kick out the jams "Cat & Mouse" and "Out Here In My Head" and then kick it on a park bench to hear about the time they were mistaken for a rap group and which member is most expendable (Isaiah, according to him, anyway) by pressing play on our OKP TV episode "A Day Out With Radkey" (as we speak the brothers are about to descend on Texas for their second SXSW--scroll down for complete dates)


Videographers: Allison Swank + Jay Sprogell

Editor: Lance Steagall (Collabo!)

Radkey SXSW Shows

Wed. Mar 12 - Thrasher/Converse at Scoot Inn, 3:30pm

Wed. Mar 12 - Sony Entercom at Hangar Lounge, 6:30pm

Thu. Mar, 13 - Spotify House, Noon

Thu. Mar, 13 - Midcoast Takeover at Shangri-La, 4:30pm

Fri. Mar 14 Spin Party at Stubbs, Noon

Fri. Mar 14 House of Vans at The Mohawk, Midnight

Sat. Mar 15 Waterloo Records (outdoors), 2pm

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