In Search Of...Hip-Hop At Comic Con 2013 video

OKP TV Goes In Search Of...Hip-Hop At Comic Con 2013!

by cicero
October 16, 2013 4:51 PM

OKP TV x Kassa Overall go In Search Of...Hip-Hop at Comic Con 2013

Okayplayer invaded Comic Con 2013 this past weekend when the Galactus-sized convention of all things fantasy-related touched down at the Javits Center here in Gotham, er, ah…New York City. We were invited by the good folks at Starlight Studios to this year’s Comic Con to peep the booth for their forthcoming Sure Shot cartoon, which is getting set to Mickey Mouse the hip-hop game (or maybe Kendrick the Mickey Mouse game? Something like that). At first glance, Tramp and the Sure Shot crew (what up, Sean C & LV) appeared to be holding down hip-hop culture on their lonesomes amidst the massive sea of Sci-Fi, Comics and Gaming nerdery that was swirling around them like a cosmic storm of gamma radiation. But we were not about to take things at first glance. Not when there’s an opportunity to stir up some shit with people dressed as orcs and Decepticons.

So…we went in search of hip-hop at Comic Con 2013. But even we were not prepared for all the madness and post-human lifeforms we encountered along the way. We did some giveaways of our classic logo tees at the booth and incited Storm Troopers, Droids, Captain Crunch and all other sorts of weirdos to share their favorite rappers (spoiler: it’s Eminem. Comic book heads all love Eminem.) pose off in their crazy costumes and even bust a twerk or two. Press play below to follow along as our Player Partner and highly-rated MC Kassa Overall leads us down the rabbit hole and through the looking glass, in search of…Hip-hop. All shouts due to the whole Sure Shot movement for putting us down with the get down (and don’t forget to swing by the OKP shop where you can pick up the dope Prince Harry D toy from Sure Shot). ’til next time, true believers.

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