Storyville 2: Questlove Tells The Full Story Of The Time Prince Replaced Him w/ ‘Finding Nemo’!

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Storyville 2: Questlove Tells The Full Story Of The Time Prince Replaced Him w/ 'Finding Nemo'

Storyville 2: Questlove Tells The Full Story Of The Time Prince Replaced Him w/ 'Finding Nemo'

Questlove, you may have heard, tells the best stories. Prince, in our experience, is the best stories. It stands to reason, then, that the only thing more hilarious than a Questo story about Puffy, say, or Patti would be a Questlove Story About Prince. In theory, if you crossed these two story-streams–if unstoppable narrator met inscrutable subject–you could open a portal onto a whole other dimension of funny.  So when Questo tweeted not too long ago about that time he once got fired from a DJ gig so the Purple One could watch Finding Nemo, well, we knew we had found…The Singularity. The Perfect Storm. The Purple Grail, if you will, of Questo celebrity stories. Or at least, we thought we had. Surely there had to be more to this story than could be contained in 140 character summary…Right?

We were determined to find out. We got Questlove on the horn and when the chairman of the storyboards had finished his tale, we knew that what we had discovered was so good it was destined to become: Storyville Part 2, The Electric Boogaloo! This story has everything you could want in a Hollywood script, really. The Dilemma: 11 people, 10 Prince tickets. The Dramatic Entrance: Prince on a runaway golf cart! The mystic quest: get Prince a pool table–on the top floor of a VIP club! The Random-ass Detail: Prince is a pool shark! The Blessing: Faced with setbacks, our hero summons the spirit of his funk ancestors! (Fela, of course).  The Other Random-ass Detail: Finding Nemo! The Call-Back: Well, you have to watch ’til the end for that one.

But that’s not the only reason to watch this story over and over again. No, no, no. When our go-to genius of animation Hectah was done making movies out of Questo’s words, he had added, dare we say it? a whole other dimension to this perfect story. A few fun things you can do with this video: 1) See if you can spot 1 or 2 famous faces amongst the 10 people in Questo’s entourage 2) See if you can name the classic 1980s music video Hectah channels for Questlove’s blind date 3) Name the Philly-based movie that sets the scene for the face-off with Prince’s assistant. And 4) See if you can spot the Ellen DeGeneres cameo! Try to do that with a tweet.

All in all, we thought the final product would make a pretty nice birthday present for Questlove’s 45th Birthday…which just happens to be today. So without further ado, may we present: Storyville Part Two: Questlove v. Prince!

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