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Questlove ‘Meet The Author’ Talk At Soho Apple Store [Full Podcast + Photo Recap]

Questlove ‘Meet The Author’ Talk At Soho Apple Store [Full Podcast + Photo Recap]

Last Monday Questlove turned up at the famous Soho Apple Store here in NYC to join his co-author Ben Greenman for an surprise “Meet The Author” talk and question/answer session structured around his new book Mo’ Meta Blues. Normally that would be worth a “oh that’s cool, what else is going on today” for those of us who wer enot able to attend in person–except that iTunes literary arm iBookstore has made a full audio podcast of the talk available for streaming in the Mo’ Meta Blues room of iTunes (yes, there is a Mo’ Meta Blues room in the iBookstore–what you never went in the back room? Its behind the beaded curtain). And that’s big news because as we all know on This Site, Questlove is the ultimate music Otaku: that guy who loves to talk about his passion, has a million insights and entertaining war stories from the trenches of the hip-hop label wars–not to mention the Lat Night TV wars, these days–and is always worth listening to. So, listen already. Just hit the link below to access the podcast via iTunes and click through recap flicks above to get the full 360 immersive Apple Store experience.


>>>Stream Questlove x Ben Greenman’s ‘Meet The Author’ Podcast (via iTunes)


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