Questlove's Unedited Finding Fela Interview

Questlove's Full 'Finding Fela' Interview On Fela Kuti Released By Okayafrica TV

Questlove Offers Commentary On Afrobeat Legend Fela Kuti In An Exclusive Interview Clip From The 'FInding Fela' Documentary From Okayafrica TV.

Questlove was interviewed about the power of Afrobeat legend Fela Kuti for Alex Gibney‘s new Finding Fela documentary and now Okayafrica TV has released that interview in its entirety–which expands upon the short clip of commentary from Questlove that was actually used in the film. The Okayafrica TV exclusive features Questlove recounting his first encounter with Fela’s music, his thoughts about Fela’s bold compositions and a discussion with Jay Z after an early showing of the Fela! musical that centered around the revolutionary aspects of the celebrated band leader’s music and life. Check the footage below to watch the full Finding Fela interview and get a more complete breakdown via OKA:

If you caught Finding Fela on the big screen you’ll remember seeingQuestlove‘s insights on Fela Kuti‘s message and the uncompromising political stance behind his work. Though limited to a short clip in the feature film, we’ve unearthed full footage of the interview which has Quest telling the stories of how he came across Fela’s music in Santigold‘s jeep, the boldness of the afrobeat legend’s compositions, and how he got a morning phone call from Jay Z after an early showing of the Fela! musical. “He clearly had the ear and the adoration of the people,” Quest states. “To use this time & time again, and to get thrown in jail every time a single comes out. I mean, I have 16 records and can’t imagine that I might have to go to jail for every time my album comes out. Not many people are willing to suffer for their craft.” Finding Fela is currently showing in 30-plus theaters across North America.

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