Quelle Chris "Super F*ck" [Official Video]

Quelle Chris "Super F*ck" [Official Video]

by shamz
October 08, 2013 12:37 PM

Quelle Chris "Super Fuck"

Yeah, you see the song title, if graphic sex tales offend your sensibilities, keep it moving on this one. For the fellow pervs that are still tuned in, watch the animated visuals for Quelle Chris‘ latest joint, “Super Fuck.” Much like Redman‘s “Sooperman Luva” series, Quelle goes into great detail on a memorable sexual experience. The animation softens things a little, but the shit is still plenty raw. Summer might be over, but if you’re tryna keep that body tight year round, Quelle’s got the formula for you (watch, imitate, repeat). Video directed by Ewen Farr. Quelle’s next LP, Ghost At The Finish Line, has features from Alchemist, Black Milk, Denmark Vessey, Guilty Simpson, and more, and will be out via Mello Music Group on October 29th. Listened to the album this past weekend, it’s greatness (pre-order it here).

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