Puff Daddy Finna Get Loose Video Square
Puff Daddy Finna Get Loose Video Square

Puff Daddy & Pharrell Channel Classic Hip-Hop In Their New "Finna Get Loose" Video

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Somehow, we knew this day would always come. Puff Daddy is making his return to the hip-hop limelight, and is doing with style to spare. The legendary producer and mogul released his new video for "Finna Get Loose" Thursday via Apple Music, and in doing so offered fans a trip down a memory lane dotted with classic hip-hop imagery.

In the midst of underground parties, old flyers, b-boys, bucket hats and a couple of Bad Boy logos, we witness what might be the true 2015 return of Puffy, who wisely enlisted Pharrell to assist in the production of his comeback single. "Finna Get Loose" comes at you like a studded black fist, fueled by rough-hewn bass and borderline snarls from Pharrell; this isn't the fun-loving "D.I.D.D.Y." but something much meaner. And we like it.

In its new video form, "Finna Get Loose" benefits from gritty black and white color pallets and the occasional faux-graffiti colorbomb that flashes across the frame. Diddy Puffy practically hollers out his verses, giving us a timbre of his voice we haven't heard in a while and certainly weren't expecting, but given the aggro nature of the entire venture (and the fact that Pharrell can never sound anything other than smooth), it's a perfect fit. Watch the video below and don't expect any shaking tailfeathers--this one's more about breaking bones.